Support our Gau Ashram! Help us provide food, shelter, and medical care to these sacred animals. Your contribution ensures their well-being and preserves our cultural heritage. Join us in nurturing and protecting these gentle souls. Every donation counts, and together, we can make a meaningful difference.

Fodder Kit

  1. Green Fodder

    We will feed freshly cut corn/other grass

  2. Offer Gud (Jaggery)

    We will feed jaggery (Extracted from sugarcane Juice)

  3. Husk (Wheat Straw)

    Wheat straw is one of the regular food for gau mata.

  4. Khal (Mustard Cake)

    The mustard cakes help cows warm in cold season and this also helps them

  5. Chokar (Wheat Bran)

    The outer shell of wheat is required to keep cows healthy

  6. Channa Churi

    Chana churi is also know as gram, this helps in keeping cow nutrition intact

Monthly care of a cow

  1. Monthly Care Of A Cow

    Adopt a cow or bull which is abandoned by their owners post milking & once they are for no use to them.

  2. Monthly Care Of A Milk Giving Cows

    Adopt a milk giving cows, the milk will be given to their calf or freely distributed to saints, use of ashram and need people.

  3. Monthly Care Of A Calf

    Adopt a calf for 2 years and bring them to life

  4. Monthly Care Of A Bull Or Ox

    Give a second life to Bull and Ox as they are left on the road after birth since it’s for no use for companies / individual who’s focus is only selling milk.

Monthly care of a cow

  1. General Medicines

    Donate Regular Medicine which is required for day to day disease

  2. Medical Treatment Of Injured Cows

    Donation will help us buying and maintaining the ambulance for gau mata, and donation towards medical treatment will help them bring back to their life.

  3. Operation Of Mother Cows

    many times gauvansh needs to be operated for any medical emergency

  4. Important Vaccinations

    Important vaccination to gauvansh help us saving their life from various disease.


  1. Cow Shed For One Cow Approx. 35 Sq. Feet

    We need to construct the shed for approximately 500+ cows, this will help us keeping them safe.

  2. Husk And Fodder Store

    With Ever increase of gauvansh, more husk and fodder stores are required. Husk is only available for a certain month and has to be stored for the rest of the year.


  1. Godan Of Desi Cow

    It signifies the heartfelt donation of a cherished desi cow, a symbol of divine grace and purity. These cow milk is not sold and used for saints, ashram and free seva.

  2. Pooja Items

    Pooja and material to decorate gauvansh will be purchased while performing pooja.

  3. Brahmin Dakshina

    This will given as gift for pooja offerings which will be done by Brahmin.

Join Our Cause

Let’s come together to honor the legacy of Neem Karoli Baba by embodying his teachings of love, compassion, and selfless service. Join us in our mission to create a world where all beings thrive in an atmosphere of care and unity.