Fodder Kit

Channa Churi

Benefits : This is a very healthy diet and have various kinds of nutrients. Its gives huge strength and stamina to the Gauvansh Requirement: More than 5 tonnes per month

Chokar (Wheat Bran)

Benefits : It is a great source of fibre. Keeps the digestive system healthy. Requirement : More than a lakh Kg per month

Khal (Mustard Cake)

Benefits : Good for health. It gives strength to cattle. Requirement : Approx 10 tonnes per month

Husk (Wheat Straw)

Benefits : Its mandatorily required for good ruminant feeding. It fills stomach Requirement : More than a million Kg per month

Offer Gud (Jaggery)

Benefits : Strengthens the immunity. It contains iron & Keeps animals healthy and fit. Requirement : Approx 10 tonnes per month

Green Fodder

Benefits : Main & preferred food for cows. It is very highly palatable and digestible. Requirement : More than 2 million Kg per month